Adorable Baby Music Mobile,Nursery Crib Musical Mobile, Crib Toy [A, Rabbit]

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Ships from Hong Kong. This cute handmade crib mobile is easy to move and install. The arm holder is about 68cm/27inches. It can help to promote hearing, motor development and stimulating vision. Help your baby fall asleep more easily! The music box is a wind-up music box and no batteries are required. Each mobile plays only one soothing and light song, it is Brahms Lullaby or Mozart Lullaby(random). Full playing time: about 3 minutes. Before using the music box, please turn on the side switch and then rotate the clockwork to listen to music. Chose the bed bell and bring much fun for your baby after hanging it. Perfect gift for baby shower and birthdays! Material: Non-woven fabric + PP cotton filling + environmentally friendly non-toxic ABS holder arm bracket. The Music Box is a wind-up music box that can only play one light music. The music is Brahms Lullaby or Mozart Lullaby (random). The music mobile will help soothe your baby to sleep and rotate gently while playing music. Each Package=A Bed Bell Holder Arm Bracket+ a Wind-up Music Box + Cute Hanging Toys. Note: Can be customized, please contact us to know the color and size you need, otherwise we will ship the original product as shown to you.
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