40cm Practical Toys And Game Plush Doll / Stuffed Animal Dolls,Bear

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Ships from Hong Kong.The plush toy is so soft, so cuddly, so cute!Shape is a doll, in fact, is a versatile doll. Outside dolls, inner blankets. Doll zipper inside a blanket, remove the blanket, it is still a doll model, and not too much deformation. Blankets placed inside the doll, when necessary, can be taken out to use. This design pay attention to practicality, look good and practical, why not buy one? The approximate size: Plush dolls:40*40CM / 15.74*15.74 inch.Blanket:100*170CM / 39.37*66.92 inch. Mail Material: PP cotton.Good elasticity, bulky, handsome in appearance, not afraid of extrusion, easy to wash, quick-drying. Animal image, nice and practical. You can give children as a doll, you can also use their own. Shape design is a doll, dolls inside containing blankets. This is a versatile utility doll. Suitable for children or adults over five years old.
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