Outdoor/Indoor Decor Creative Ceramics Garden Flower Pots/Planters-02

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Ships from Hong Kong. It takes the special design, which makes a wonderful indoor or outdoor decor. With this planter pots displayed on your window ledge, patio or kitchen, you'll be bringing the perfect combination of style and natural greenery to your space. The hole on the bottom of each pot will allow water to drain through the soil and into the display tray for optimal plant health. Finally, it does not include the plants, just selling flower pots. Size: 5.8*8*7 CM(2.28*3.14*2.75 Inch) Material: ceramics A contemporary clean look, this pot with decorative design will add a beautiful touch to your living space Hole on the bottom of each pot allows proper drainage for optimal plant health Ideal for holding small potted plants, flowers or herbs
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