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1. insect exterminator with remote control-When the indoor insect exterminator is hung about 6 feet above the ground or away from the windproof wall, you can control the working time and regular startup time of the insect exterminator through the remote control, saving trouble and convenience.

2. Dual bulbs have better performance-20W UV bulbs are installed indoors, so it can suck insects into the grid faster. Please avoid the lamp being in the lighting state for 24 hours, which will cause the lamp to turn black and shorten the lamp life. It can cover an actual effective area of 1076 square feet, such as the entire living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, and courtyard.

3. Built-in timer, worry-free-you need to turn on the two switches on the side and the front of the electric mosquito killer to turn on the mosquito killer. You can set the power on/off for 2, 4, 8, and 14 hour timers by clicking the button on the device or via the remote control. [Note] When you need to set the 14-hour timer, please refer to the manual for operation.

4. Safety & EPA certification-The mosquito killer is equipped with a protective net to prevent people or pets from accidentally touching the grid. The built-in high-voltage metal grid can kill mosquitoes and flies within 360 degrees.

5. Recommendations for use-a. This indoor mosquito killer should be placed 6 feet (about 1.8 meters) on the wall of the barrier or on the ground. b. Change location after 20 days. c. Avoid routes that people and animals often walk. d. Avoid sunlight or places with light.

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