Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My 32 digit code isn't working.

A: We realise that these codes can sometime be tough to read.  If there is an issue reading yours, use the QR code located on your receipt to redeem your store E-Credits.  You can use most any modern phone to read these codes with a free app.  

Our favorites are linked here:

Android QR appiOS QR app

Q: A product I used to order is gone

A: We regularly update our product offerings so that only the items that are in stock are available for purchase. If an item is removed from the site it might come back -- but we just can't guarantee it.


Q: I can’t see my order after I placed it

A: Your order will be emailed to you. Once we have processed it, you will be able to review it on the Accounts page.


Q: A product in my cart disappeared

A: The item was likely no longer in stock and our website removed it.


Q: At checkout I keep getting “Gateway Error”

A: This error can mean any number of things, and usually they are related to the specific card information.  Simple things like a billing address of 'P.O Box 123'  may be rejected by the card system because the credit card account has an address of 'POB 123'.  It's a small difference, but it does happen.  We also suggest double checking that there is enough funds on the account. If it still doesn’t work, please wait 30 minutes and try the order again.  



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