Compression Horn Tweeter Driver Unit Screw-On Timpano Speaker 8 ohms High Frequency 5 Core5C-D26

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Product description

5 Core PA DJ Horn Compression Driver Unit screw on 200 Watts PMPO 8 ohms 5C-D26


· High Grade Fresh ABS plastic cover of Compression Driver.
· Renders great Treble output in Hise in Wooden Boxes or Plastic Columns.
· Premium Quality Y-30 Ferrite Magnet (80X32X15) has been used.
· 1" Voice Coil Diaphragm rendering High Frequency Response.
· Terminals are aligned with proper polarity symbols for connections.
· T-yoke with Pole Universal tapping Inclusive Head (18T.P.I) and washers for better enforcements.


Height: 2.5'
 Diameter: 1.25'
 Weight: 1LB or 751Gram
 Wattage: 20W RMS
 Packing: Per Piece.
 Magnet Size: (80X32X15) MM
 Voice Coil: 1' or 25MM



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