ToolUSA 1 Inch Nylon Bristle Paint Brush With Flat Wooden Handle: TZ-63310-Z04 : ( Pack of 2 Pcs. )

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Paint Your Trim Quickly With This 1 Inch Paint Brush. Great For Last Minute Touch-ups. Ideal For Door Jams And Other Narrow Places. When You're Done, Just Wash It Out And It's Ready For Next Time. Use It Over And Over Again. A Favorite With Professional House Painters, But Equally Used By Do-It-Yourselfers For Paint And VarnishBristle are made of white nylon, 1 inch wide-soft to spread paint or varnish smoothly
  • This Brush Has A Flat Wooden Handle, Lightly Varnished, And The Overall Length Is 8 Inches
  • Suitable For All Types Of Paint And Varnish-washable And Reuseable
  • Popular Size For Detail Work And Painting The Cabinets And Trim
  • Hole In Handle For Hanging To Dry The Bristles Flat-best Not To Dry With Bristles Bent
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