36" Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated Steel Coil Cable (Hawk: LOCK-07820)

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This 36" steel cable is covered in clear plastic, and looped at each end. You can run a padlock through the ends to join them together, and fashion a bicycle lock, or a lock for garden tools, etc. (Padlock is not included)
  • 36" Long, With Vinyl Coating Over All-super Strong- Retains Looped Shape
  • Looped At Each End With Steel- Ends Are Held Securely In Loops By Steel Collars
  • Just Add A Padlock For Your Bicycle, Motorcycle, Scooter, Garden Mower, Etc.
  • Strong And Tamper Resistant -will Withstand Any Kind Of Weather-vinly Coating Prevents Rust
  • Can Be Joined With Others By Padlocks (not Included) For Additional Length
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